Cidália Silva works in-between teaching and research architecture. She is working on her Doctoral Thesis on «Designing with Time: questions of scale, space and place», supervised by Dr Vincenzo Riso (October 2008-), supported by a PhD Grant from FCT (January 2009-). She is Assistant Professor of Architecture at the School of Architecture, University of Minho (2004-) in continuity with her experience as Teaching Assistant to Prof. Manuel F. de Sá, DAAUM (2001-4) and to Prof. Mário Krüger, Darq, FCTUC (1998-1). She has a Masters in Planning and Design of Urban Environment at FAUP with her thesis on “O Difuso no Vale do Ave”, supervised by Prof. Manuel F. de Sá (2006), and a Diploma in Architecture at Darq, FCTUC with final thesis on “Três Momentos na Arquitectura Religiosa do séc. XX em Portugal”, supervised by Prof. Mário Krüger (2000). Besides the Lectures and International Workshops, she has also written texts on recognising the contemporary territory.